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365 Days

Today is March 16, 2021 and it has been exactly one year since my last in-person disability hearing. Three Hundred and Sixty-Five days of uncertainty, changes, delays, and weirdness. We have managed to continue with hearings over the phone. If you have a pending hearing you probably have received a COVID 19 hearing changes letter describing the choices between waiting for an in-person hearing, appearing by telephone or appearing by MS Teams video. I included a copy of the letter below and you can learn more about remote hearing options here: SSA Hearing Options Available During COVID-19

Despite the continued uncertainty that we have all been presented with (including when we can expect to all get back in the same building and meet face to face for disability hearings), remote hearings have worked for most of our clients. The technology has improved providing for clearer calls and fewer dropped lines during hearings. Clients who normally have had to travel long distances to appear before a judge have had the opportunity to accomplish their goals from home.

I miss seeing your faces, but I’m glad we are all able to stay safe in our places.

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