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Client Testimonials

“ I’m so glad that I choose Lund Law Carolina to file my SSDI disability claim for me! After all my prior research on filing a claim, and all the potential obstacles that one can face in doing so, I came to the realization that it would be much more beneficial for me if I were to hire an experienced disability attorney.

This research also led me to find Lund Law Carolina & David Lund. They are highly rated, experienced, and know all the ends and outs of the claim filing process. They led me through thru this whole process step by step, and were there for me whenever I had any questions or concerns.

They also were very prompt on returning my phone calls when someone wasn’t immediately available to speak to me.

Lund Law’s team gives you the feeling that they genuinely care for their clients. I believe that they understand the personal and financial hardships someone with a disability faces, and how stressful it can be waiting on a decision for their claim.

Thankfully, I did not have to go through any Hearings or appeals processes. But even before I found out that I was approved to get my SSDI. I felt confident that I had chose the right disability law team even if that was to be necessary.

I highly recommend David Lund of Lund Law Carolina and his team Thanks again David!! And a special shout out to Olivia also, for being so patient and kind along the way! “– James Hill

“Atty Lund is very professional and supportive. He was there for me during a very trying time in my life. His support and assurance was unwavering. He made a stressful time much easier to bear.”– Tanya

“This office was great they fought hard for me and got my benefits approved”– A Satisfied Client

“Mr. David Lund and there team members reached out to gather all the required reports and documents needed for my claim as well as all the documents. Each contact was very professional. Great to work with.”– William

“David did a excellent job with my case. At the case review he went over all the things necessary to make sure everything was clear to the judge. Whenever he needed paperwork, I made sure that he had everything he needed to make sure the process went smoothly and throughly. He made sure I understood the process and guided me the right way. I’m so glad he got my case reversed and I will never forget that.”– Christopher

“I had applied and been denied twice without an attorney. A family friend had used this law firm and gave me the info. They took on my case and we went to the hearing and the rest is history! They won my case! David Lund was awesome! I would definitely recommend this firm!”– Katonda

“After being turned down 2x’s, I had very little hope, but Mr. Lund gave me the confidence that I needed, to bring me thru all This. I believed in every thing he told me, and he was right. He won my case for me. I will use him in the future for all my needs, and tell my family n friends, about his good works.”– Elaine

“Mr Lund was very knowledgeable and very helpful in my very long and painful Social Security claim. He was always prompt in answering my endless amount of questions in this difficult process. Mr Lund was instrumental in achieving a positive outcome in my disability hearing and I would definitely retain Mr Lund service in the future if an event should arises. Highly Recommended!”– Jeremy

“Thank you for helping me. Explained the process throughly and promptly returned calls.”– Migdalia

“I would like to thank Lund Law Firm for all of their help with my disability claim. From the beginning until I received a favorable decision they went above and beyond on all matters. They were very thorough, compassionate, and very professional as well as promptly returning calls and answering any questions I had. To all of the staff I have the utmost gratitude to each of you. I will recommend them to anyone who has or is filing for disability. They will guide you through each step and will be genuine and truthful with you. Thanks again for a job well done.”– John S.

“Att. Lund and his staff were very professional and kept me updated on my case. I was very pleased with the outcome. Thanks so much! I would highly recommend this firm if you are trying to receive disability benefits!”– Lesa J.

“I must share my amazing experience with David Lund and his firm. I was denied my disability for almost 6 years. It was a very arduous process BUT in the end years David and his team began working my case to get me a fully favorable decision. David walked me through the process making sure that all of the pertinent information got before the judge that would set me up for a successful appeal. He called me several times to gather information and then even pulled needed information that was not provided in the required documentation. He made sure I knew what to expect and made sure that I was comfortable with possible questions that I might need to answer. It is something when you TRUST the person that is representing you that when the case went before the judge I was confident that we would have success. And we did! I say “we did” because if it were not for his tireless attention to details, there may have been a different outcome. We celebrated as though this was his only case. This is how you are made to feel, that you are the only one and he wanted to make it right for you. He is a man of integrity, professionalism and hard work because your success matters to David. Even after the judgement he reached out to see if I had any additional questions or needed further support navigating the system. Now that is someone that is not just doing a job but made a connection with the client. Thank you David and pray the the Lord continues to bless and keep you going strong in this field. Firms like yours are most needed to assist people struggling like I was. Thanks to you and your efforts I am able to say that I came out Victorious. Blessings, Reandy Just”– Reandy J.

“1st i give all thanx 2 God 4 blessing me with a wonderful attorney. He alwayzz get bac 2 u asap. This law firm iz da best eva. They helped me & im sooooo grateful, & i would recommend dis law firm 2 anyone( Lund Law Carolina)If i could i would give them 10 stars, thank u all so very much. They have very great service.”– Sherry T.

“Before my wife sought David’s help with her SSDI appeal, she had enlisted the aid of a larger, multi-state law firm for 18 months & been denied twice. We knew this kind of result was not uncommon, but my wife didn’t want to just be treated like a number out of thousands of cases. She was looking into local law firms & read very positive reviews about Lund Law. David & staff were all very personable & professional. They made us feel like they were going to put in maximum effort to get a favorable outcome, despite the fact that she was fairly young with complicated medical issues. She felt confident with their expertise since they specialize in SSDI cases, whereas the larger firm she worked with covered disability, workmen’s comp, veterans and malpractice. They answered all of our questions & explained every step in the process. Lund Law helped her get a hearing with a judge & approval for her case in only 6 months. It’s thanks to David & team that we can better provide for our family.”– Ashton H.

“Very happy and satisfied with the handling of my case. Fantastic service and great attention to details needed for a positive outcome! I would definitely recommend Lund Law firm to friends, families , and foes…Lund Law gets things done! Thank you again Mr. Lund!!”– Leon B.

“They made the process of filing and receiving disability far more easier than receiving short term disability through my job. They provided answers to all my questions in a manner that could be easily understood. I would recommend Lund Law Carolina, without hesitation, to anyone.”– Larry B.

“He was very helpful and professional. He made it very professional the whole time he was working on my case. He asked important questions and answered any of my concerns I may had. I highly recommend him to any client. Thanks again for everything.”– Shanika H.

“Mr Lund took over my case for my appeal, It had been long going for almost 4 years. I’m happy to say Mr Lund helped me win my case. Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend him.”– Ginny L.

“The level of expertise from Lund Law Carolina is impeccable! They’re helping my father with his disability application and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to help! They’re always willing to answer whatever questions my family has. I’ll be forever in their debt. Thanks Mr. Lund and his staff!”– Amanda W.

“Mr Lund is taking care of my Medicaid & SSDI claim After I became disabled by heart & cancer issues. It’s hard to take care of these types of problems when all I can worry about is my father that I’m taking care of & my health concerns. David is a caring person and super great at getting things done. My advice is: don’t try and do these type of things alone, get yourself a great attorney like a David Lund.”– J D Davis

“lund law handled my disability claim, they let me know what was going on every step. I would highly recommend them if you have a ssdi, ssi claim. I give them 5stars”– Mark Z.

“Skilled, caring practitioners with the utmost integrity. If you have a legal issue related to a disability or social security, contact David and the team at Lund Law. You could not be in better hands.”– Peter B.

“David Lund provided outstanding service, wise counsel and prompt communication for our claim. Would highly recommend him.”– Melinda D.

“The Lund Law team was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in helping to resolve my case. I would highly recommend them!”– Kristen P.

“No better attorney for help with disability case. Answers questions clearly to put your mind to rest. Staff was friendly and courteous.”– Marilyn B.

“I highly recommend Lund Law. Attorney Lund and his staff are very responsive and know everything there is to know about disability law.”– Liz F.

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