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How Your Age Affects Your SSDI Benefits Eligibility In North Carolina

What Factors Does Social Security Consider In Determining If Someone Over 65 Years Of Age Should Receive Disability Benefits In North Carolina?

You can receive Social Security Disability benefits up until you reach full retirement age – an age that has gradually increased over the years.

Depending on what year you were born, this means that you could continue to receive Social Security Disability benefits up to the age of 67.

Age 65 is a milestone that allows for receipt of Medicare benefits, regardless of receiving Social Security disability benefits.

Is Age A Factor In Social Security Disability Claims?

Age is a factor in SSD claims. For those who are older than 50 years old, the “grid rules” apply.

(Keep reading to learn more about grid rules and how they may affect your case.)

What Are The Common Reasons That People Are Denied Social Security Disability Because Of Their Age?

People are often denied primarily because they’re capable of performing other types of work. (Prior experience and education don’t generally become a factor until age 50.)

If Social Security deems anyone 49 or younger capable of even a sit-down job, they’re not going to be able to receive disability benefits. This is true even if their experience may be limited to manual labor or physically demanding jobs.

Are There Any Categories Of Workers That Can Automatically Apply For Age-Related Benefits Over 65 Years?

There are automatic approvals for certain types of medical conditions that fall under the Social Security Medical Listings. For age-related breaks in disability, it starts at 50, and for anyone over 50, the grid rules would apply.

What Is The Grid And How Does It Work?

The grid rules are officially called the Medical-Vocational Guidelines. These rules recognize that older workers are less likely to make a transition to other types of work.

They were established by Congress to provide access to older workers who are unable to perform the work they’ve done in the past and either have no job skills – or who have job skills that can’t be used in less physically demanding jobs.

What Are The Different Age Categories?

There are four different age categories used to determine a person’s eligibility for benefits under grid rules.

  • Younger Individual
    • This range runs from ages 18 to 49.
  • Closely Approaching Advanced Age
    • This range runs from ages 50 to 54.
  • Advanced Age
    • This range runs from 55 to 59.
  • Closely Approaching Retirement Age
    • This range runs from age 60 and up.

Does Being Older Help Your Social Security Disability Case?

Being older does help your SSD case, as age is a factor right up until you reach full retirement age. This is particularly true for those who are age 50 and older.

If A Claim Is Denied Under The Grid Rules, Can You Still Win By Claiming The Grid Rules Shouldn’t Apply To Your Case?

The grid rules are rules that actually work to your advantage. Social Security has a 5-step evaluation process, and the grid rules come in at steps 4 and 5 – making it the last part of the evaluation.

Generally, the easiest way to be approved is to be found disabled under the grid rules. This way, you don’t have to be “totally” disabled to qualify for disability if you fit under the grid rules.

What Avenues Can Someone Explore After Being Denied Based On Being Able To Perform Other Type Of Work?

I recommend that those who are unable to perform their past work and are still potentially able to perform other types of work pursue vocational rehabilitation.

Most states have vocational rehabilitation programs that are free to use and evaluate the individual to determine whether additional medical care or additional training might help for job placement.

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