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How Much To Expect To Receive If Your Application Is Accepted

In this article, you will learn:

  • The cap for SSI payments
  • Options available if you cannot afford aspects of the SSDI process
  • How you may get workers’ comp and Social Security benefits at the same time

SSI is capped at $841 in a month and may be less depending on other household income or resources. The SSDI benefit varies substantially based on what you paid into Social Security in Social Security taxes over the course of your career. The Social Security administration says that the average Social Security Disability benefit is $1234 a month, and there are certainly ones that are higher. Obviously, there are ones that are lower. On top of that, you may also potentially be able to receive benefits for dependent children. Dependent children are those that are either under 18 or if still in high school up to age 19.

Getting Workers’ Compensation And Social Security Benefits At The Same Time

Social Security won’t allow you to get more than 80% of your prior pay between the workers’ compensation and the Social Security Disability benefits. So, if you are receiving workers’ compensation, and that Social Security amount ends up putting you over that 80% limit, Social Security will reduce the amount they pay each month to keep you right at that 80% amount. If it’s a workers’ compensation claim that is currently paying a weekly wage, then the calculation is really more straightforward. You can see what you make per month, and you can see what your Social Security benefit is each month and what you made before you went out on disability.

If the workers’ compensation is settled, then that settlement that you receive from workers’ compensation gets spread out over the course of your lifetime, essentially, to reduce that burden. So, many individuals that are filing for disability and have received a workers’ compensation settlement and are later approved for Social Security Disability benefits, end up getting their full Social Security Disability amount and still have that settlement amount that they’ve put in their savings or used to buy the house or whatever the situation may be.

What To Do If Can’t Afford A Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability attorneys don’t get paid unless you are approved for benefits. The way that we get paid is that any benefits that are owed to you over that period of time when your claim is processing, Social Security Disability attorneys get 25% of that as set by Social Security. This fee is the same whether you are using our office or any office in the country. Social Security has made it so that you are not having to shop around to get the best price. It’s not an out-of-pocket expense to our client, and that makes it easy to go forward with these claims and with the confidence that if they’re not successful, they haven’t spent money on an attorney with nothing to show for it.

What To Do If You Can’t Afford Medical Care While Waiting For A Decision By SSDI

The first thing for most folks is apply for Medicaid unless your household income is really going to make it so that you don’t qualify. Separate from that, there are several free clinics that are across the state and across the nation, really. These are doctors donating their time or non-profits that have doctors and nurses on staff, that assist people with low or no income to get much needed medical care.

Also, the large hospital systems have good charity care programs. Throughout our state, we are lucky to have multiple medical schools where part of their mission is to be help provide free and low-cost care to uninsured patients. Most of the hospital systems are also non-profits, and so, care is fairly accessible.

Even the for profit systems will have sliding scale programs that provide access based on household income level. So, if you don’t have any income, really you are at one end of the sliding scale program, and it may either cost you very little or not at all to get medical care. We also see a difference from county to county. Some counties have provided very good local health programs.

Rather than saying “I don’t have any access to healthcare,” at the very least start with your health department. They may be able to help you with things like diabetic medications, blood pressure medications, or basic level medical care that at least establishes a record of the problems that our client is having.

Finally, for those who are torn about the idea of either asking friends and neighbors for the money to be able to go see a doctor, or going to the emergency room and then have all these bills in the end, I would say that you should consider it an investment in your claim. You, at the end of this, may be able to have all of those bills paid off by Medicaid or Medicare depending on the outcome, and having more medical documentation is always going to make it better and easier for us to get your claim approved.

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