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What’s a Vocational Expert And Why Are They At My Hearing?

If you’ve been denied twice by Social Security the next step is to request a hearing. When the hearing is scheduled you will receive a written notice that includes the “When, Where, and What” details for the hearing. The hearing notice will likely include a notice that a Vocational Expert has been scheduled to testify at your hearing (and potentially a Medical Expert too).

Vocational Experts are used by Social Security to help judges understand how jobs like you have done in the past are typically done and to answer question about how different limitations may affect one’s ability to perform different types of jobs. The Vocational Expert will have reviewed your work background prior to the hearing, but may direct the judge to ask some clarifying questions about the jobs that you performed in the last 15 years.

Ultimately, the judge is the one that makes the determination of what established limitations you have based on a review of your medical records and the judge is the one that makes the ultimate decision on your claim.

A skilled disability attorney will know what questions to ask of the Vocational Expert that will help the judge make the correct decision on your claim. If you have questions, call me - I'm David Lund, a board certified disability attorney. I can be reached at 980-292-4165.

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