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The Attack of the Coronavirus

I've had a lot of calls this week regarding the COVID19 crisis. The bottom line is that Social Security is still working. If you are currently receiving benefits your benefits will not stop. Social Security is working as hard as they can under the circumstances to get your claim for disability processed and Disability Determinations Services (DDS) in North Carolina and South Carolina are still working as well. It's taking us a little longer to get responses from SSA and DDS on the status of claims.

Hearings are also continuing on to some extent. Judges are offering telephone hearings. I believe that's a fine solution for some clients, but not for all. So, we are making case-by-case judgments after consulting with our clients as to whether to postpone hearings and wait for an in person appearance or to go forward via telephone.

Also, some scammers are trying to use the COVID19 pandemic as a way of getting people to give up personally identifiable information. Calls that ask for money, threaten, or discuss a Social Security number being suspended are scam calls. If you receive a call from someone that identifies themselves as calling from Social Security it is always appropriate for you to ask the caller to contact your appointed representative instead. A legitimate caller would be able to do so.

As I noted above, SSA has confirmed that Social Security benefits will continue throughout the COVID19 pandemic. Callers that stating anything to the contrary (i.e. that your benefits are being suspended or terminated) are not legitimate calls.

We are still here working for you at Lund Law Carolina. If you or someone you know needs assistance with a disability claim, please call us at (704) 412-4773.

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